Reminder to future self: always start screen when logging to remote system to do anything that might take a while.

I should probably just configure things so that I always start screen.

Well, color me embarrassed. I did start screen, but with a config other than my usual, so it didn't have a status bar to tell me it's there.

How did I notice? The connection broke, logged back in and ran "screen -RD", and got the old session back.

That was nice. Yay me from earlier today, who was smart, but forgot about it.

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@liw 'screen -RR' is a good starter. It will reattach to an existing screen session, otherwise, start a new one.

@liw Yep, the other day I wished I had started tmux before running a "simple" postgres query that died after 30 minutes due to ssh connection loss.

@liw That's a blast from my past, haven't used screen in years. Used to love it.


Permanent status bar and sane defaults are some of the reasons I switched from GNU Screen to tmux and never looked back.

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