Inbox Zeroed!


Org Agenda... exploded.

Shifting deck chairs on the titanic?

@emacsen If your process is anything like mine, by processing every item in your inbox and adding action items to your org agenda, you've decided what items need action and what that action should be. That's progress.

Now you just have to do.

@liw I need to switch to mu4e, then I need to get org-mode and mail to talk to one another...


@emacsen Being organised is, however, not about tools.

I've done GTD for most of the 14 years I've used it with just plain text files in a directory.

@liw that particular toolchain is very easy though.

org-mode wants to make backlinks for you, just have to tell it how. and people already worked out how to do that for mu4e so it's really just pasting in a little bit of elisp. then when you org-capture from an e-mail, it puts it in your inbox including the backlink to the message you just click on and it opens the original message again.

though i used notmuch in the past, which is similar.
@liw I have been toying with the idea of using a Makefile as the Todo/Doing/Done list. The output can be just prioritized Todos ('| head -n' for most important), plus another target to generate graphviz or HTML tables for easier-on-the-eye output.
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