What I wish for in online discussions these days: more empathy and sympathy and kindness, less snark and harshness and absolutism.

It's good go stand up for what's good and important, and to stand against what's bad and hurtful, but both can be done with firmness and civility. It's difficult, but some people do it every time.

There are times when one needs to uncivil, but most online discussions don't call for such measures, not even if statistically that's what always happens.


Middle-aged man screaming into the Ethernet here. I preach better than I do. Double-ugh.

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@liw Agreed. And it massively puts me off (Twitter, fora, anything) yet I see in myself that it’s somehow harder to accomplish these days although I totally recognize the problem and I have no idea why that is. Maybe all the exposure to pandemic world news and politics affects us in more unconscious ways than we think and eliminates our tolerance or skin. As I don’t know a solution I just try to retract :/

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