@liw I'm pretty sure we sent some into space as well, didn't we? At least its output. :)

@nemobis I know there's code of mine running in orbit around Earth: there's Linux on the ISS, for example.

I'm not aware of anything outside that. Would like to know if there's a credible source for that information.

@nemobis Interesting. That seems to only be Wikipedia content, though, so no code of mine is there.

@liw Indeed, hence I said "its output". :P I think there might have been some code too in some other launch, but I'm not sure. Maybe some #MediaWiki JavaScript has been executed on the #ISS?

@nemobis Wikipedia has been edited from the ISS. I know that. Last November, as I recall, but I don't have a link.

@liw Yes but the first was a "remote edit": Paolo Nespoli recorded the audio for Wikipedia on the #ISS and then someone else from #ESA uploaded it while on earth.
There was another contribution after that but I forgot what it was... :(

@nemobis @liw
I believe you're looking for twitter.com/darenwelsh/status/ which was an actual edit from space, so the JavaScript would have been executed on the ISS.

@legoktm @liw Thanks. I cannot find any blog post about it but MusikAnimal shared the story behind the edit at lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/

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