Random... Instead of banning straws, we should ban balloons, especially the helium ones.

If you didn't know, helium is used for a variety of medical applications, like MRIs. We have limited supply and balloons account for about 7% of the use.

Balloons should cost $100 a pop, given the limited supply. Pun intended.

@KARiley40 Not mutually exclusive? I suspect more disposable straws are present these days than disposable balloons (certainly more plastic I have consumed comes from the former than the latter). At any rate, a better goal to state than banning plastic straws is "mostly eliminating them" (leaving accessibility cases intact)

@cwebber But yeah, omg, the plastic wrap drives me bananas. Like no, I do not need a tiny plastic window in my otherwise paper bag so I can see the loaf of bread I know I just stuck in the bag. And little things like that.

I know there is big stuff out there, fishing nets come to mind, but I also know, we've got a lot of work to do, including the small things.


@KARiley40 @cwebber At least in Finland, the plastic-looking transparent parts of paper bread bags are often (I think usually) not made from oil, but plants, and is biodegradable. Not sure what it's called.

Still, not that useful to be transparent.

@liw I hope that's what they are made of and I kinda wonder if they are (makes sense!), but they don't label it as degradable or recyclable, so I don't know.

Best I can do is rip it apart, throw the plastic wrap away and put the paper in the recycling.

@liw @cwebber @KARiley40 Cellophane is the perfect material for this. It's transparent and biodegradeable and we've had it longer than we've had plastics.
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