Got a Keyboardio keyboard today. Everything is perfect, except the O key doesn't seem to register keypresses at all, and I wil also need re-learn how to type.

Aha, got it to work by keeping keyboard upside down and pressing the key many times.

Now I just need to learn to type. I'm sure it'll be easier than in the 80s with a portable typewriter.

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@liw am learning both the Model01 and programmer Dvorak (mapping-to-physical keyboard helps; am doing QWERTZ-X220 and BÉPO-TypeMatrix), but, for now, the learning hurts my brain.

@OdyX I decided to keep things for myself, and learn the US layout that's printed on the keys. I switch between physical keyboards and computer enough that I don't particularly want to learn a layout that will require configuring every machine I use.

But that's me. Not judging others on this.

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