I'm wondering... a lot of fancier keyboards now support user-programmable RGB LEDs. Does anyone use that for something useful, something more than prettiness?

I'm thinking possibilities might be things like indicating desktop notifications, computer load level, progress bars, and to make typing nicer by indicating modifier keys being pressed.

But that will mean we'll have to start looking at our keyboards when we type...

@harald well, if you can make the whole board glow red when caps lock is pressed or something, maybe it's enough to have it in your peripheral vision?

@Björn Lindström You've got a point there. But still think I'll stick to my old boring keyboard :)

@liw I was wondering about that the other day. I thought about whether you could get Emacs to light up the possible next keys as you start typing a shortcut. I suppose that could work for other programs too. That might have some utility?

@liw psst @technomancy , I feel like the above Q may be in your domain of nerditude..?

@gnomon @liw haha, well, I haven't tried it personally, but my observations have lead to the conclusion that it's mostly novelty that wears off before too long.

the notable exception being which is quite impressive (but still very gratuitous)

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