When I was a student I used LaTeX and got used to creating reasonably well typeset documents with almost no effort at all, after the initial learning curve.

In my middle age I use Google Docs to write documents, because it's the easiest way for co-workers to comment on them. The documents are ugly, horrible typesetting. Also, the writing experience is worse than typing in BASIC listings into a Commodore 64.

CC: @cryptpad
Not sure if CryptPad supports comments yet but it's a good user story

@liw gonna push me over the edge of switching my monthly report from ms word to markdown -> pandoc latex

@liw At work I am using Sphinx to write some documents.

My team lead liked its HTML and PDF output so much that he asked me to use Sphinx to redo some documents he'd written using MS Word.

@liw Come to think of it, I forgot how I edited my BASIC programs on the C64. Hmm, not sure whether that's a good or bad sign.

@liw Not necessarily an endorsement, but #Overleaf† (online/collaborative LaTeX; #GoogleDocs for #LaTeX) has recently added Google docs style* commenting. They’re decent from the standpoint that they have Git capabilities, so you could actually work on LaTeX docs locally (as well) and sync them via Git.

Up to and including being horrible Javascript.

@emacsomancer @liw overleaf seems pretty nice from what little I've used. Collaborators don't need to install latex,but you can export/import yourself if you want to

For collaborating on a document I use these days. For getting comments on a doc I write myself either GitHub/GitLab PR or hackmd.

LaTeX is the worst for collab.

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