I have a sizable DVD collection that it's time to rip to the computer. I still believe in owning your media, but the convenience of online services makes it easy to stop caring about these things...

For the arguments about the environmental impact of physical media- I agree, but DRM and "streaming" make it such that only by owning your media can you be assured you'll have it!

@emacsen I did a bit of ripping in recent years. Here's what I ended up with, as far as tools and methodology is concerned, in case it helps.

CDs: abcde in Debian. There are lots of tools for this. Five years ago, ripping a CD is fast enough that I didn't even bother trying to optimise.

DVD: rip to ISO using dd or gddrescue, then transcode that to save disk space with Handbrake. This allowed me to rip several disks to ISOs during a work day, and then let Handbrake transcode overnight.

@liw @emacsen have you happened to puzzle out a workflow for ripping Blu-Ray discs? I haven't really settled into a groove yet for those.

@gnomon @liw The issue is just the ones that put episodes out of order. I keep encountering this problem.

Sad sad.


@emacsen @gnomon I'd forgotten that. It looks to me like an attempt at making things harder to rip.

Some DVDs for TV shows have lots and lots of titles (episodes) that are either empty or copies of the same episode.

Also looks like some DVDs have intentiontal encoding problems: the dd works fine, playback with a video player going via the menus works fine, but reading the titles directly with Handbrake fails.

Anything to make paying customers regret giving money for a product, I guess.

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